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Behind the Skin & Cancer Foundation               Ken Paver & Peter Pettit

In the 1960s the establishment of the Australasian College of Dermatologists formalised for the first time the existence of the specialty of dermatology in Australia, and theoretically putting it on an equal footing with other medical specialties.

The Skin and Cancer Foundation was formed by a group of people who dedicated themselves to improving the quality of dermatology services and as a result helped elevate dermatology from the position of "ugly duckling" of the medical specialties.   



A Pictorial History - Harvesting the Sea           Mick Puglisi

A follow-up edition to the author's first book showing many of the magnificent pictures the author has gathered over his fishing career. It is a unique visual record of how commercial fishing has evolved from the 1930s, from the early purse seiners to otter board trawlers, right through to modern-day aquaculture with the farming of tuna, kingfish, abalone, mussels and oysters.


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Timor Caves       Jodie Rutledge  et al

Karst environments (including caves) are unique and special places. Their natural, cultural, recreational, scientific and socio-economic values provide benefits to a variety of people and communities. Whilst the values of karst environments are becoming more widely known, many people remain unaware of their sensitivity to disturbance and the potential for human activity to alter or destroy the natural systems on which they rely. This book is an effort to give focus to Timor Caves in the NSW Hunter Valley.

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  Australian Chart Book 1993 - 2009          David Kent

 This book lists the biggest hit songs and records in Australia for the seventeen  year span 1993 to 2009. The lists are based on Australian Music Report charts
 (from 1993 to 1998) and specially compiled charts (from 1999 to 2009). It covers the  weekly Top 100 Singles charts (1993 to 2009), and Albums charts (Top 100 from  1993 to 1998, and Top 50 from 1999 to 2009).  Features include:
  • Alphabetical Artists listing, with Singles and Albums shown together
  • Songs listed alphabetically by title, cross referenced to the Artists listing
  • All the No. 1 hits, listed chronologically
  • The Top 25 Singles and Albums of each year.   

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Come With Me                  Joan Fisher as told to Pam Bayfield

Come With Me is a story of true service to others in war time. Joan Fisher was only a young girl of 21 when she enlisted to become a voluntary aid. Little did she know that her journey would take her on a hospital ship, to the Atherton Tablelands and finally to Borneo where she nursed the prisoners of war after the war was over. Joan felt privileged to nurse wounded soldiers back to health with love and devotion.
Life after the war was difficult for these ladies and settling down to civilian life took time. Joan finds love and marries and follows her teacher husband around many small country schools with two young boys. Joan’s story is truly inspirational and she has given of herself to others all through her life.

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 Puberty & Beyond                       Murray Browning

Puberty & Beyond provides a glimpse into the sometimes sordid, but always exciting era of the fifties and sixties when rock n’ roll ruled and teenagers had a totally carefree existence. With no internet or mobile phones, music was very much the icon of this generation, giving much needed relief from the working day and capturing the admiration of all youngsters during this era.  Murray Browning was in the midst of the action, experiencing, but not always agreeing with, what went on. He has captured the essence of the era and provided a nostalgic reminder for those of us of a similar age, and also a chance for younger readers to find out what all the fuss was about from an era before they were even born.

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The Vietnam War on a Tourist Visa             Graeme Mann

This is the autobiography of Graeme Mann who found himself being unceremoniously dumped into the middle of the Vietnam War in a most extraordinary position of responsibility, having to support a country-wide computer network which was vital to the  US Air Force's ability to successfully prosecute their appointed tasks during that conflict.  It is a remarkable factual account of the misadventures of a 20-something Australian  civilian who suddenly finds himself caught up in a contract with the US Air Force in  Vietnam in 1968.  Just being able to travel from one location to another proved to be a  death-defying exercise; coping with the bureaucracy of the USAF proved to be another.  Fighting the enemy was, apparently, quite incidental.

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The Conspiracies of Multiculturalism                Greg Clancy

Political corruption, increased crime, a destroyed social order, campaigns of public deception, the protection of vested interests, the undermining of national security and a threat to free speech are some of the products resulting from Australia's policy of multiculturalism. The façade of multiculturalism's political and bureaucratic face promoting the notions of understanding and tolerance masks a sordid, entrenched and   powerful industry responsible for betraying and dividing the nation. From protecting the crimes of its 'father', Al Grassby, to the political cover-up of the Cronulla affair, this book explains how the system and politics of multiculturalism have been manipulated for personal or individual group advantage at the expense of the Australian society and its institutions.

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Flight to a Lady                                  Arthur Butler

This is a unique account of Arthur Butler's amazing solo flight in 1931 in a tiny open aeroplane across half the world, with only the sun, stars, an unreliable compass and, on occasions, his instinct to guide him. The adventures and near catastrophies met on the way were a test of endurance and bravery.  Arthur Butler was a pioneer aviator who in the early days of flying in Australia introduced the aeroplane and the joy of excitement of flying to many isolated communities. He founded Butler Air Transport in 1934 in Cootamundra, serving the mail route between Cootamundra and Charleville. This formed a section of the Empire Airmail linking Australia and Great Britain.

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 Technology Ski Club - The First Fifty Years

 Skiing was introduced into Australia by Norwegian miners working at the Kiandra  Goldfields during the late 1850s.  In 1954 Bob Robins and Roger Beattie were  postgraduate students at the then University of Technology in the School of Chemical  Engineering. George Madgwick, one of their colleagues, was a member of University  Alpine Club in Perisher Valley. It was in 1954 that George arranged for Bob and  Roger to experience their first ski holiday as his guests. With Australians developing  an increasing interest in skiing, club lodge accommodation was becoming more  difficult to arrange. It was George Madgwick who supplied the inspiration that  encouraged Bob and Roger to aim at creating a ski club that would provide for their  own on-snow accommodation.


  Knees Up Mother Brown                Pam Bayfield

  The author takes the reader through the first 12 month's journey of rehabilitation as   seen through her eyes. She had a bilateral knee replacement in July 2004 and kept a   diary to record the whole process. There are also letters from other knee recipients   who tell of their experiences.  Pam has played tennis all her life and her knees were   showing signs of all the wear   they had taken from regular competition and were   down to bone on bone. Pam had   great difficulty in walking let alone playing tennis   and had to make the difficult decision   about having her knees replaced.

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   Albert John Sherman                William F. J. Cammack

  This book is about the life and works of Albert John Sherman, a Cornish Australian   artist, known to lovers of painting as Australia's foremost painter of flowers. The   author has written the book from the perspective of being a personal friend of the   painter and also an avid collector of his works. The book contains many of   Sherman's  paintings, including flowers and some landscapes, and details the   history of his early life in Cornwall prior to their move to Australia after being told by   the family doctor to move to a warmer climate to aid his wife, Ethel, who was unwell   at the time









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