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Mallee Boy                        David Little    

 A4 Hardcover   480pp    Colour & B & W illustrations  

This is the true story of the people, places and events in the author's life. His privilege began with being a member of the Little family from Ireland - a virile, innovative, optimistic and stubborn people of lean and healthy stock. Privileges continued over the years. Popular paths were not always followed; so many stories are different. It is also why there were many interesting rewards,  and why and why many doors were opened during a long and healthy life. It is the history of Australia as seen through the author's eyes from the 1930s, with information going back to 1850 when my great-great-grandfather arrived in this land. This book should be in every Australian home - it is a history from the Great Depression, through the Second World War. It tells how the country and its people   prospered post-war and later in the millennium embraced the new electronic technologies.

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Come With Me                  Joan Fisher as told to Pam Bayfield

 A5 Softcover  184pp   Colour & B & W illustrations

 Come With Me is a story of true service to others in war time. Joan Fisher was    only a young girl of 21 when she enlisted to become a voluntary aid. 

Little did she know that her journey would take her on a hospital ship, to the Atherton Tablelands and finally to Borneo where she nursed the prisoners of war of after the war was over. Joan felt privileged to nurse wounded soldiers back to health with love and devotion. Life after the war was difficult for these ladies and settling down to civilian life took time.   Joan finds love and marries and follows her teacher husband around many small country schools with two young boys. Joan’s story is truly inspirational and she has given of herself to others all through her life.

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 Knees Up Mother Brown                Pam Bayfield 

 A5 Softcover  156pp  Colour & B & W illustrations

The author takes the reader through the first 12 month's journey of rehabilitation as seen through her eyes. She had a bilateral knee replacement in July 2004 and kept a  diary to record the whole process.  There are also letters from other knee recipients who tell of their experiences.  Pam has played tennis all her life and her knees were showing signs of all the wear they had taken from regular competition and were down to bone on bone. Pam had great difficulty in walking let alone playing tennis and had to make the difficult decision about having her knees replaced. 


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